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Care Home Services

Our aim is to maintain an optimal level of function or minimise the rate of deterioration through a management and care plan agreed with the resident and in consultation with the other team members.

Once you have contracted with PhysiCare to provide a Chartered Physiotherapist, a programme of services can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your home. PhysiCare provide highly competent professionals to compliment your existing services.

Aims of the Service

To maintain an optimal level of function or minimise the rate of deterioration through a management and care plan agreed with the resident and in consultation with the other team members. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Initial Assessments
    • Need to be conducted within the first few weeks to analyse each residents' physical ability and mobility problems to recommend the appropriate course of treatment. Re-assessing may require to continue during rehabilitation or at intervals in continuing care. New residents will be assessed within a reasonable period of their arrival
  • One to One Consultations
    • Are for residents who require a complete program of rehabilitation or a program to prevent further deterioration. It is vital to maintain mobility and independence in the elderly to help improve their condition and increase their quality of life
  • General Exercise Classes
    • Are an excellent way in maintaining mobility with enjoyable, gentle exercises carefully selected by the physiotherapist to suit the abilities of each resident and monitor performance. Each class lasts approximately 30 minutes. Regular activity programmes help prevent muscle weakness and loss of joint mobility, key causes of deteriorating function
  • Maintenance of Consultation Records
    • Accurate records for each patient are maintained by the physiotherapist detailing each consultation and the current treatment plan
  • Summary Reports
    • Summary reports can be drafted at the request of the caring team to clarify the exact position of each resident. The report will state the current condition of the resident, the treatment plan being followed and the probable outcome of the program
  • Monthly Staff Meetings
    • To provide the best possible service, it is important for the physiotherapist to become an integral part of the caring team. We strongly recommend staff meetings to co-ordinate the entire team's effort on the treatment of each resident
  • Advice on Equipment Purchases
    • Our staff can also discuss equipment needs, advise on future purchases or be involved in negotiations regarding the advantages and disadvantages of equipment

What are the benefits of a Physiotherapy service?

  • To Residents
    • Regular assessments enable early detection of newly emerging problems, which may be resolved and alleviated before becoming established
    • Residents feel more confident and function better when care staff are advised on the safest and most effective way to help and handle them
    • Assistance with the maintenance of optimum independence gives residents more autonomy, self-esteem and the power to choose from alternatives
    • Group programmes promote social interaction with fellow residents with shared interest, mutual support, encouragement and enjoyment
    • A feeling of well-being is often translated into improved mental attitudes, alertness and readiness to comply
  • To Carers
    • The physical abilities of residents have a direct relationship to the staffing and equipment necessary to run a home. Early detection of emerging physical problems may help prevent residents from becoming more disabled
    • Physiotherapists can assist managers in deciding when residents need referral to another professional
    • Advice or teaching in moving and handling skills can minimise problems with staff injuries at work
    • Physiotherapists can advise on the most appropriate furniture and equipment to suit older residents
    • Job satisfaction is improved when care staff gain more insight into the residents' functional problems and feel more confident in giving more effective help