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Health Promotions

Releasing staff for long periods of time can be difficult for some employers, therefore most of our workshops can be provided on a modular basis. Short seminars/teamtalks are also useful for awareness of certain topics e.g. back care advice, the correct driving position, back care exercises etc.

Back Care days

This is an opportunity to introduce companies to physiotherapy in occupational health by providing employees and Occupational/Health & Safety staff with the services of a Chartered and State Registered Physiotherapist. With no disruption to services or production, our physiotherapist can set-up an exhibit stand in the canteen or reception area. During official breaks employees receive expert advice on postural awareness, ergonomics, prevention of musculo-skeletal injury etc., along with informative and easy to follow handouts.

The physiotherapist is also available to visit work areas, discuss problems first hand, or provide team talks/seminars on a number of topics. In addition, we can advise staff individually on injuries they currently have during “one to one” advice and self help clinics.

PhysiCare produce their own colourful advertising posters and should part of the day be spent providing one to one advice, PhysiCare also advertise a telephone number for employees to book appointments in advance.